Thursday, May 04, 2006

Site News: The CRMGIS blog is moving:

I am ready to make the big move to a new domain, I think?

The new site is up and running. There are a handful of cosmetic changes to be made, but the content is there. The RSS feed from Feedburner has been moved. If anyone is subscribed via anything but feedburner, please visit the new site and reconnect. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope that the new publishing platform, WordPress, will give me more flexibility in layout and content features. Also, I hope having a more relevant domain name will help create an audience.

I will continue to post on both site for the time being. This is for folks who arrive here via established links or bookmarks, as well as, keep up the archives that readers may be linked to.

Feel free to email me ( admin /at/ gisarch /d0t/ com) with any issues about the move or any problems with the new site. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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