Saturday, April 22, 2006

CAA 2006 - Day 4 and Closing Banquet

Well, the CAA is now over, but the effects are still lingering. Although, I have a bunch of notes from some great papers on Day 4 (Friday), I will not get to them until tomorrow.

Honestly, the closing banquet and fun that followed has put me out of commission. Between the great conversation, great food, great entertainment, and most of all, great people, the CAA 2006 in Fargo ended with a bang! Too bad my head, after a days worth of bumpy air travel, is still reminding me of the fun.

I have a few stories and a bunch of pictures from last evening to share. As soon as I get my sense back, I will have them on the blog.

Photo (taken by myself) of a few of the great people
who stuck it out with me until the end.

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