Friday, March 17, 2006

Philadelphia GeoHistory Network

New updates to the Philadelphia city wide Historical GIS project…

The Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network (GPGN) is an initiative to create a web-based portal of the full range of geographic and document data concerning the history culture and architecture of the city and surrounding area. The idealized product is a free resource that anyone can use for researching Philly’s history.

The GPGN site, has recently been updated with transcripts of the December planning meeting’s working groups and PowerPoint presentations. Also, there are links to some of the already digitized cartographic base data.

If you are interested in Historic GIS, check out the presentations link on the GPGN page. There are some cool presentations by Anne Kelly Knowles (Middlebury College), Lex Berman (China Historical GIS), and Amy Hillier (UPenn) to name a few.

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